Caribbean Grocery Retailer: Multichannel experience for shoppers powered by cloud technology

At a glance

A Caribbean grocery retailer wanted to upgrade its platform to provide customers with an improved shopping experience, both in-store and online. Given the circumstance of the pandemic, The client wanted to grant customers the convenience of being able to purchase the same products they know and love, regardless of the method. Focusing on areas such as  Product Information Management on AWS, integrating the in-store inventory and sales software and implementing a react native mobile application integrated with Shopify significantly extended the brand’s Customer reach and provided a portion of the in-store transactions.

What we did

  • Shopify’s implementation with customized React Native mobile app
  • Implemented Product Information Management on AWS
  • Integrated with in-store inventory and sales software

Technologies used

Shopify, AWS glue, Algoli Amazon DynamoDB Amazon lambda React Native. Amazon Simple Storage Service s3 Amazon relational data store RDS

Partners we worked with

Pingala Software, Mohsin, Shafiqa, Pawan, Deep Dive Digital, Digital Sleuth


A Caribbean grocery retailer wants to provide its customers with an improved shopping experience, both in-store and online, granting customers the same convenience of being able to get the same products that they know and love.

During the pandemic, stores islandwide went into shutdown or experienced severe restrictions on their opening time as the local government implemented two curfews in June 2020. Verso Labs was approached to accelerate the delivery of an e-commerce and omni-channel experience.


Verso labs set up the client’s e-commerce website and mobile application framework based on React and a PIMS on AWS. The framework would allow online systems such as Shopify to integrate directly with the on-shelf systems while sharing the same product information.

All touchpoints aspects of the systems were delivered within four months and were launched to the public using an online campaign to promote the mobile application. 

Using a phased approach allowed customers to order groceries from a simple form online and collect them via curbside at the peak of the lockdown in 2020. Moving onto phase two allowed customers to search and pay for those products online.


In Q3 of 2020, planned benefits extended the brand’s core customer reach by 15%. They delivered 5% off in-store transactions in year one.

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