European Grocery Retailer: Personalizing the experience for online shoppers

Personalization, Cloud, Analytics

Global Retail Bank: Accelerating analytics with Google Cloud

Solution Architecture, Data

Caribbean Grocery Retailer: Multichannel experience for shoppers powered by cloud technology

Omnichannel, Cloud, Design, Build

Large Caribbean Carnival Band: Digital booking experience and inventory management

Design, Build, Managed Service

European Online Health care provider: Pioneering online GP services

Design, Build, Managed Service

Large European Broadcaster: Personalized digital experience for online audiences

Solution Architecture, Data

Multinational Consumer Goods Giant: Next generation e-commerce on AWS and Adobe Marketing Cloud

Solution Architecture, Cloud, E-commerce

European Telecoms Company: Social business intelligence tool

Solution Architecture, Data

European Telecoms Company: optimization and migration of software

Solution Architecture, migration, cloud

Caribbean Luxury Hotel & Residential Property:

Solution Architecture, Cloud, Sales

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