Global Retail Bank: Accelerating analytics with Google Cloud

At a glance

One of the world’s largest retail banks improved the way they captured data from

their online customers with a cloud-based data platform. The new platform

designed for Google Cloud Platform improved the bank’s ability to target customers

with recommended offers while replacing years of legacy technology and optimising cost.

What we did

  • Solution design for Google Cloud Platform
  • Coaching on-the-ground development team

Technologies used

Google Cloud Platform, Apache Airflow


HSBC is a globally recognised retail bank that spans 14 markets and 120 countries. 

The client wanted to optimise its analytics spending by reducing the costs of off-the-shelf tools and shifting those capabilities in-house.


HSBC wanted to improve its talent acquisition process by adopting a product delivery culture that speaks to its core values. In addition, they wanted to adjust their focus to reusable assets and Intellectual Property, which could be shared across markets.


Previously, the client did not have provisions for AI and ML systems; as such, they wished to develop the infrastructure as a core competency for the bank, to drive costs lower in the long term


The client would have reached out to Verso Labs to assist in the Talent Acquisition process for hiring new staff and providing relevant coaching for the new hires. 

The client was keen on implementing a cloud-based data platform that would serve as a replacement for several off-the-shelf solutions which were already in rotation. Delivery teams needed to be provided with guidance as they built out the solutions so that they could be the initial persons to realise benefits directly.


With this project, HSBC achieved a 770 million GBP reduction in technology spending for two years while increasing their development team from 0 to 4 people.

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