European Grocery Retailer: Personalizing the experience for online shoppers

At a glance

One of the world’s largest multinational retail corporations improved how they captured data from their online customers with a cloud-based data platform. The new platform designed for Google Cloud Platform improved the bank’s ability to target customers with recommended offers while replacing years of legacy technology optimising costs.

What we did

  • Digital Experimentation using Adobe Target
  • Product Recommendations
  • Integration with Product Integration Management software

Technologies used

Adobe Marketing Cloud, Tibco and SAP

Partners we worked with

Digital Sleuth. Digital deep dive digital


A large European grocery retailer wanted to provide customers with an immersive, personalised experience. The customers would feel like they had a household helper or partner to pursue healthier food options over time, saving them time and making shopping much more convenient. 


Verso labs designed and built an integrated cloud recommendation system that takes data from online transactions along with the Product Information Management System (PIMS). Additionally, we created some elements of the in-store shopping experience to provide customers with product recommendations throughout their shopping sessions.


Some planned benefits were to uplift the average order value by 1.4% and increase repeat purchases by 200%. We achieved an average order value (AoV) increase of 12% on an annualized rate, in which regular customers were twice as likely to repurchase.

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